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FREEDOM & POWER 05/10/20

Produced in one week in Chicago, April 2020. A 90 minute improvisation, studio-blossomed into colliding disparate modes that aim to serve as an onomatopoeia to the unfurling system we’re all tethered to.  Released on Bicycle Day Records. 



Shadows and sparkles collide in a delimitation of altruism.  Released on Mutual Aid Records.  The WHITE PHOSPHOROUS side is a bleak wall of vanta-punishment in sharp contrast to glittered grooves and pointed swoons of the CONSUMER. side.  

CADRE - 04/11/17

A collection of Portland freak scene collaborations meant to be a goodbye to the Pacific NW and a hello to Chicago.  Contributors include Astro Warrior, Mike Erwin, Don Gero, Volcanic Pinnacles, Juli Amore, Mulva Myasis, Tlsvrod, Dark Side of the Tune, Tim from Fleshh, FAXES, Muzzy, Amenta Abioto, Dr. Burtrum, and Timmy the Terror.

CON/TRA - 10/21/16

A split with Portland local sonic archeologist The Translucent Spiders.  Released on cassette through Cryptic Carousel.  The Translucent Spiders side is a barrage of collaborations with members of The Social Stomach and Blink Machine.  The Consumer. side is half studio tracks and half live tracks from his tour with ALTO!

ARC - 08/14/15

A split with Brooklyn based Casas released on cassette by the also Brooklyn based Cryptic Carousel label.  The Casas side is a grinding, beat driven drone assault without relent which contrasts the sporadic Consumer. side, changing gears every few breaths.

(casas side)

Fucket - 01/29/15

A five song studio album from a single session released online serendipitously.

rB>C - 06/15/14

Full length cassette released and recorded by SDM records available in record stores all along the west coast.

Post Waste - 05/30/14

A split with Portland’s Warm Trash which lead to an improvised electro/no wave project FAXES.

(warm trash side)

Bash it to the Feat - 06/23/13

Released online shortly after Consumer. began to perform live.

New Shoes - 02/19/13

Self recorded at the Toadhouse studios released online shortly before Consumer. began to perform live.

Snack Shop - 10/28/11

A sped up recording released online using experiences from working in a gas station as lyrical/conceptual fodder.

Woo Woo - 11/01/12

A sped up recording released online, recorded in a studio shared with a Cake tribute band exploring themes of anti-intellectualism and mysticism.


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